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Aluminum Association Urges Biden Administration To Continue Protecting Domestic Producers

Date:2021-04-27 View:68

Aluminium sector trade group Aluminum Association released a new policy brief last week that it says the United States government must implement in order to ensure that the American aluminium industry remains competitive with global producers.

The brief, entitled“A Trade Policy Framework for the U.S. Aluminum Industry,” suggested several policy directions for the Biden Administration to follow to keep United States aluminium producers on par with their global competitors. In addition to the economic importance of a healthy domestic aluminium sector, the Association pointed out the vital necessity of robust aluminium production to national security as well.

Tom Dobbins, president and CEO of the Aluminum Association, noted the importance of a favorable trade policy toward aluminium in a relatedpress release.

“Three years after the implementation of the Section 232 tariffs on most aluminum imports into the U.S., it is time to take a fresh look at trade policy to support a robust domestic aluminum industry. The Biden administration and the new Congress have an opportunity to harness the growth potential for aluminum as a sustainable solution for the 21st century, and capitalize on the more than $3 billion of private U.S. aluminum investment over the past decade. The federal government can take action immediately to put American aluminum on an equal footing with overseas competitors.”

Among the Association’s recommendations to the Biden Administration are modifications to the Section 232 exemption process, which it says currently incentivizes domestic producers to seek out overseas aluminium producers before their domestic counterparts. The Association also advocates for greater care when granting country-wide exemptions to Section 232 aluminium tariffs as well as continuing strong enforcement of Section 301 tariffs on aluminium imports.

The Association also urged the Biden Administration to continue to fight back against unfair trade practices and to launch the Commerce Department’s Aluminum Import Monitoring (AIM) sooner rather than later. In addition, the organization said long-term goals, including federal investment, should be set in order to keep American aluminium producers in the global supply chain for years to come.

News Source From: Aluminium Insider




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